About MadDogg Heat Sleeve

The MadDogg Heat Sleeve is a single use coffee sleeve that will keep your coffee at the optimal drinking temperature for up to 3 hours. With tested and proven results, the MadDogg Heat Sleeve will revolutionize the way coffee is consumed.

"I developed the idea for the Heat Sleeve as an avid coffee-drinker. After the repeating frustration of throwing away cold coffee, along with the constraints of a college budget, I began drawing up the idea in a journal. I first pitched it to my parents and sister while we were at a local coffee shop, they were immediately interested. Since then, they have seen every prototype-the good, the bad, and the ugly- and still believed in my idea. The idea came about after researching a technology to create a disposable device that works in conjunction with a disposable coffee cup to keep coffee at a drinkable temperature longer. Through discussion with those with more subject matter expertise and many days spent prototyping, the MadDogg Heat Sleeve came to life."

-Madison Tamblyn, Founder and President

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1 st place

PeopleConnect Elevator Pitch Competition. Silicon Valley, CA

1 st place

Charlotte Venture Challenge.
Charlotte, NC

1 st place

Elon University Triple Impact Challenge. Elon, NC

Business Partner: Ed Doherty

MadDogg Heat Sleeve Founder and President, Madison Tamblyn, was introduced to Ed Doherty at Elon University. Ed and his wife Joan created The Doherty Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership in The Love School of Business at Elon University in North Carolina. Ed currently serves as the Vice Chairman on the Elon Board of Trustees and is Chairman of their Investment Committee.

Ed founded Doherty Enterprises in 1985. From 1985 to 1990, Doherty Enterprises grew from the original 19 Roy Rogers Restaurants to 28 Roy Rogers and 6 TJ Cinnamons, a bakery concept specializing in cinnamon and pecan rolls, coffee and other specialty products.

Currently the company has 63 Applebee’s open in New Jersey and Long Island & 44 in Florida / Georgia. In 2001, Doherty Enterprises acquired exclusive rights to develop Panera Bread throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island, New York. Subsequently, Doherty acquired the rights to Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. Currently the company operates 42 Panera Bread Bakery Cafes. Doherty Enterprises, Inc. currently operates 163 restaurants, pubs and bakery cafes, with projected sales exceeding $526,000,000 in 2016.

On December 1, 2014, the New Jersey Restaurant Association presented Ed Doherty with the Restaurateur of the Year award. The award, considered the highest distinction bestowed upon a restaurant owner, recognized Doherty Enterprises for its excellence in restaurant operations, job creation throughout the Garden State, ongoing community involvement and as an overall leader in the industry.

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The MadDogg Heat Sleeve has gotten a lot of buzz, and it's not just from the coffee.